• 27 years U.S. Air Force

  • Author of award winning book, Striving for Perfection, Developing Professional Black Officers, endorsed by President Barrack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and General Colin Powell

  • Chief of Staff for Defense Security Service

  • Director of Security Forces for Headquarters Air Force Space Command

  • Outreach Director for historical documentary, For Love of Liberty, The Story of Black American Patriots, introduction by General Colin Powell

  • Adjunct Professor for Criminal Justice and Homeland Security departments 

  • Homeland Security graduate

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.) National Academy graduate

  • Monthly leadership columnist

  • Doctoral degree graduate
Dr. Gerald D. Curry 
Col. USAF Ret.
Arby L. Hambric takes us on a journey through a very colorful past by giving us a glimpse of the realities of a segregated country in his To Thee I See: From picking in the fields of Texas to cooking for dignitaries on U.S. Navy ships, a journey I wouldn't change.  His efforts uncover the depths of our existence by putting us center stage of several historical events that touched everyone’s life at the time.

Arby Hambric is an American veteran and hero in his own right who served in three war eras; World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam War. Each of these episodes allowed him a front row view of history as it was unfolding. To Thee I See is a personal accounting of the disbanding of a segregated Armed Forces, and opening up of opportunities for people like you and I. Rarely, do we receive firsthand accounts and personal testimonies of side-bar conversations with iconic figures.

To Thee I See is a legacy project that will outlive its author, and serve as a roadmap of how he got over and through the harsh injustices of his time. It is an American story that reopens a painful racist past by illustrating how a triumphant people with a strong belief in God were forced to overcome adversity at every measure. I am impressed with Mr. Hambric’s strength of character and willingness to open up to the world by sharing his life. He does so with conviction and passion by leaving a path of genuine authenticity rarely experienced.

Mr. Hambric’s wisdom offers timeless advice in the sense that this project is honest and has a sincere tone. When faced against severe odds in his early years in Teague, Texas, Arby Hambric learned to understand the realities of racism and surviving a Jim Crow South. These tough lessons armed him with the necessary tools to successfully navigate and out maneuver racism he would face while serving in the Navy. During this period he was often the only African American assigned to his unit. Racism rarely distracted him, or held him back. Mr. Hambric continued to keep himself grounded with a strong belief in his abilities and the spiritual foundation he obtained as a child. 

To Thee I See is a must read for anyone who wants to walk through a historical time capsule and see what every day African Americans did to get along. His story is a simple, yet a complex one because of the impact he made on society and most importantly his family. Arby Hambric has a story to tell, and you should listen to his wise counsel. He touches on the highs and lows of life, and explains that while in your everyday doings, you have tremendous opportunities to inspire greatness in others.

​Mr. Hambric’s writings helps his readers understand that the small things we accomplish everyday has a way of lasting a lifetime and can potentially touch millions. This is a story about strength of family, love, sincere gratitude to a nation who did not recognize the dedicated service of one of its own. It is a story of conviction, dedication, and seeing-it-through. After reading To Thee I See, you will feel like a favorite son or daughter of Arby Hambric, because of his captivating stories. I am completely honored and humbled to have the opportunity to support this endeavor. Arby Hambric is our American hero!

To Thee I See